About Us

JASH dark glow powder is a world wide leading distributor for a wide range of Photoluminescent raw materials and related products from 1999. Our popular product is Photoluminescent pigment [Glow in the dark powder].

We deal 10 colors and more than 18 types photoluminescent pigment widely accepted by all domestic and abroad customers.

Jash Photoluminescent pigments are safe, non-toxic, and non-radioactive. Jash pigment powders glow 10x brighter and longer than the traditional Zinc Sulfide and Copper mixed phosphorsecent powder material. The Jash photoluminescent pigment powder can be added in many medium, such as coat, paint, ink, plastic, ceramics, glass etc.,. Those luminous products applied of the pigment show good effects in illumination, indication and decoration.

The Jash photoluminescent tape and rigid sheet are non-toxic, non-radioactive, high visible, self-extinguishing, and recharging material, which is best suitable for making all kinds of safety sign, IMO sign and LLL system. Both of them are widely used in subway, railway, airport, high building, and others.

Based in Hyderabad city, Andhra Pradesh, in India, Jash products are widely welcomed by all over the world customers. To find out more about Jash products or applications please visit products pages and other links. Alternatively, if you have a more specific requirement please contact us to submit your request directly to us.

Customers can pay using Paypal or pay directly to our ICIC bank account.