Application & Uses

Jash photoluminescent pigment is widely used in many industrial line such as Production of Glow Paint for brushing painting, Plastic Molding, Silk-Screen Printing, photoluminescent tape, photoluminescent sheet, Ceramic Tiles, and all kinds of safety sign.

Please find the most suitable type pigment for different use in technical data information, and please feel free to contact us for some formulation suggestion if customers want to mix the photoluminescent paint, or mix the photoluminescent ink, or making the masterbatch, we offer customers some formulations for their evaluation, all formulation are concluded by our technical people and our good customers together.

Please contact us if customers are still not very clear to choose which type Jash photoluminescent for own uses, we will give full detailed suggestion to help you choose according to real needs.

The Photoluminescent pigment can be used in many transparent as translucent media, such as Plastic, Paint, Glaze ink, Glass, Printing slurry etc. To produce luminous products with good indicating and beautifying effect in darkness. It can be widely used in emergency signs, pass ways signs, switches, enamel nameplate, road signs, toys, handcrafts, clock meter panels, textile fire men's equipments, military and camp instruments etc.

Stair well with JASH signage and evacuation systems installed. Those vital seconds are saved there by reducing injury panic and loss of life.

JASH Dark Glow products are recommended worldwide for subways, tunnels, mines, elevators, stairways, public convenience and other specific areas where they prove their usefulness in maintaining order in case of power failure.

Packing, Storing & Handling

Jash Photoluminescent pigment are packed in two non-water plastic bags inside and one plastic cask outside. Jash Photoluminescent pigment should be stored in dry house, free from any water and no any humidity.Jash Photoluminescent pigment are easy to handle with max.weight as 25kgs per cask.

Technical Information & Product Testing

The technical information given in this data sheet is accurate to the best of our knowledge but is only intended as a guide. This data does not extend to any further processing carried out by customer or end user. Therefore, customers and end users are advised to further test the material under their own conditions of use to satisfy themselves as to its suitability for their own purposes required.

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