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Photoluminescent ceramic Tile & Glaze:

Jash Photoluminescent ceramic are made of Jash photoluminescent pigment and good quality ceramic tile. After absorbing visible light for 10-30 minutes, Jash photoluminescent ceramic will glow more than 8-12 hours in the darkness.

Jash Photoluminescent ceramic tile are non-toxic,non-radioactive,and halmless. All tiles for use in connection to floors, walls and ceilings where the use of paint, low location strips or other is not feasible. The tiles can also be used in already existing tile arrangements where the tiles will show the way out if power black-outs occur or smoke starts to fill the room/area.

Application Area:

1. Tiles are already in use or are planned so that the esthetic value is maintained
2. The surface is subject to wear and tear that ordinary signage are not suitable
3. The surface need flashing or is even under water

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Photoluminescent glaze:

Photoluminescent glaze is one of the High-New technical products of our Company, after it is coated on the surface of the bare ceramic body and fired, it can make the surface of ceramic tile glow.
The special-treated glaze can bear the temperature of 1100oC. It can be used on interior and exterior wall tiles and floor tiles.

Confection of PL glaze:

The PL glaze is made of basic glaze block, PL pigment and a little additives (clay, cellulose). First, mix the components according to ratio and melt them in the kiln at the temperature that melts the normal ceramic tiles to get the curd; then grind the curd, finally mix the ground curd with PL pigment and additives, the weight ratio of pigment can be 30—50%. Do not use metal equipment during confection.

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