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Glow Sticks are an innovative product widely used in the world over today. Glow Sticks are an unmissable part of modern day society. When thinking of uses for Glow Sticks you may run out of ideas.

A glow stick is a single-use translucent plastic tube containing isolated substances which when combined make light through a chemical reaction-induced chemiluminescence which does not require an electrical power source. Although the glow stick is often attributed to recreational use as well as a safety product also. It is also utilized in various different ways as a light source.

Glow sticks give off light when two solutions are allowed to mix. The sticks consist of a small fragile container within a flexible outer container. Each container holds one of the two solutions. When the outer container is bent, it breaks the inner container, releasing the first solution into the second solution. After breaking, the tube is shaken to mix the two components.


If you are throwing a party, you can attain variety in your decorations by using more than streamers and other festive things such as balloons. Glow sticks are novel decorative items. Glow sticks are popular at music concerts and festivals, where crowd members might wave them at the performers, or even use them innovatively in modifying their outfits. BANGLES, BRACELETS, HAIR BANDS, HAIR PINS, SPECTACLES, STICKS, BALLOONS, GLOW STRAWS and hundreds of more you can create with your own imagination.

COLOURS : All types of glow sticks are available in a variety of colours.Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, Pink, Purple, Orange & White.

WHERE TO USE : Celebrations, Parties, Night Clubs, Bars, Concerts, Dance Halls, Carnivals, Special Events, Banquets, Gifts, Campings, Outings etc.


Apart from fun, can be used as Safety Product in Traffic Management and warning to Motorists and used by Navy and Millitary for safety and signalling purposes Vehicle Safety, - Use glow light sticks as vehicle markers when pulled to the side of the road, or after an accident Keep glow sticks in your glove compartment for emergencies. Use glow light sticks to signal for help. Glowsticks are useful for anything from changing a tyre to finding something in your boot.

Fire and Police Departments : Use glow light sticks when gas leaks or other dangers pose a serious risk. Since glow sticks do not produce heat or sparks, Glow sticks are much safer than flares.

Traffic Control : use glow light sticks in hands and as area markers.

Hotels : Glow sticks provide Safe, non heat producing, non spark producing light during power cut.

Mining : Every miner should carry an glow stick as a backup light source. For a little peace of mind and in case of emergency, glow sticks are great. glow sticks are the best light source in emergencies where there is a loss of power and light. Glow sticks are not spark producing so will not ignite explosive gases.

Search and Rescue : Mini glow sticks can be used as a trail to find your way back, glow sticks can be used to mark pickup points / landing zones for helicopters or aircrafts. Different coloured glow sticks can be used to mark higher priority victims.

Home Safety  & Out-Door Night Events : Keep a glow stick in everyone's bedside table, kitchen drawer, and anywhere else it’s useful when the power goes out. Kids love glow sticks... but they will also help keep your kids more visible at night. so they are a great choice for kids to hold or to mark a costume. Anytime your kids are out at night be sure they have a glowstick to carry with them for added safety.

Schools - Emergency : Promote glow sticks in your school for emergency use. You can keep glow sticks for your own emergencies and also encourage parents to have their kids to carry a glowstick in case of emergency. Integrate glowsticks into your child's costume for loads of fun and safety.

Fire : In the event of fire, glow sticks can be used as a signal to lead out of the smoke.

Animal Identification  :  Put a glow stick around your animals neck. You can even connect several necklaces together and wrap them around your pet (great fun at Halloween).

IT’S SAFE : The chemicals inside glow sticks are non-toxic, non-radioactive, do not produce heat and is non flammable. If ingested it is not poisonous or harmful (although if consumed in large amounts medical attention may be required) but tastes rather nasty. If it gets on your skin or in your eyes simply remove it using water. If the chemicals are spilt on clothes they can be easily washed out using normal washing detergent although absence of staining is not guaranteed.

TIP : Glow sticks may be placed in a freezer to slow the chemical reaction, allowing the same sticks to be kept for two or three night's activity. The cold induces a solid-state to the mixture and slows down the photon release. In reverse, microwaving or running hot water over them speeds up the photon release and makes them brighter, but also diminishes the life of the glow stick


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