Our Product Range

Glow Thread:

Glow in the dark thread can be used to produce glow cloth or to sew glow designs on cloth. Can also be used for quilting and embroidery. Glow in the dark fiber can be used to produce glow ropes, luminous fishing nets, glow carpets and knitted goods.

Photoluminescent Rope:

Photoluminescent ropes are made of photoluminescent pigment and high-performance plastic such as polyester, polypropylene and nylon. This kind of rope could absorb any visible light in the day and glow in the dark for more than 8 hours. They are widely used in sea boat, yacht, life boat, sea side, mountain and other safety area, they are great for illuminating your tent corners, reducing accidents and creating visual lines in your campsite for navigating in the dark.


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